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“It’s not normal…” Louis Saha blames three people for Erik ten Hag’s biggest Man Utd flop



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Louis Saha has blamed three sets of people for the struggles that Antony has gone through in his first 18 months at Manchester United.

Antony scored in his first three games for Manchester United after signing for £85 million in the final days of the 2022 transfer window, netting against Arsenal, Manchester City, and Everton.

In a transfer that Erik ten Hag pushed the club to seal, United paid an extraordinary amount of money for the young Brazilian, he has so far failed to live up to the expectations set by his swap from Ajax.

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Antony has become the least productive of all Ten Hag’s signings so far at United, having not scored or assisted at all so far this season across 21 appearances in all competitions, and former Louis Saha believes that his struggles are coming from his “stubbornness” in the way he plays.

Saha also thinks that three people are to blame for this, with Erik ten Hag, Antony, and the player’s entourage all playing a part in the failure to change the current lack of progress.

“There is a bit of stubbornness in the way Antony plays. When you have a predictable style, you have to change it up. Whether it’s him, his manager or even his entourage, everyone can see he needs to change something,” Saha told Paddy Power.

“But Antony isn’t willing to change. The manager [Erik ten Hag] keeps playing him right wing, and he [Antony] is sticking to the same thing. I’m sorry, but at some point, it becomes the responsibility of the manager because it’s not normal!

“It’s difficult to understand how many more games you need in that configuration to see if this formula isn’t working for Antony. If he [ten Hag] still wants to keep Antony on the right wing, I would force him to only train with his right foot for two weeks.

“That will introduce a bit of diversity to his game, and he will control the ball with his right foot without thinking about it. He might even cross with his right foot, and when he’s struggling on his left, he can do a dummy and go on his right foot. That’s what his game needs: diversity.

“Until he understands that, he’ll keep struggling in the Premier League. He needs to be forced to do things that he isn’t comfortable with, it’s got to be an obligation.”