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“There’s six things…” – Dan Ashworth tells Jason Wilcox what he expects from him at Manchester United



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Credit: The Times

Dan Ashworth has already outlined what he expects from Jason Wilcox as the technical director at Manchester United.

Wilcox, 53, officially joined United from Southampton on Friday after a compensation agreement between the two clubs was reached.

“Jason Wilcox has joined Manchester United as Technical Director with immediate effect,” a club statement read.

“He will work with all technical areas of the football department to achieve the highest standards of performance.”

Wilcox, formally of Manchester City, will be working underneath the eventual sporting director, with the club working on compensation terms for Dan Ashworth.

Ashworth has led overhauls at Brighton, Newcastle, and the FA and is now expected to be in charge at Old Trafford.

He will have Wilcox alongside him in the technical director role, which is the role that Ashworth was in himself at Brighton.

Whilst the titles of these different roles often have slightly different responsibilities from club to club, Ashworth has already described what was expected of him when he was a technical director.

“The technical director’s role is best described as looking after the interests of the club in the medium to long term,” he told TNT Sports in 2019.

“My job is not, at 12.30 today, tactical systems or anything like that. That’s Graham’s job. He’s the head coach in order to do that.

“There’s six things that come to me: There’s men’s first team, women’s first team, player recruitment, the academy, medical and sports science, and the player loan department.

“So all of those are sort of, you know, some medium to long term things, such as medical, such as player loans, such as the academy, in order to try and make sure of recruitment, of course, as well, in order to try and make sure that the club is sustainable.”

The role works across the entire club, and whilst Wilcox was excellent in youth development at Manchester City, his work at Southampton showed that he can focus across the board.

Ashworth will, too, be working in all aspects of the club, but it is interesting to note how impactful those two will be in different parts of United.