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“I’m sure of it” – Premier League legend dismisses rumours about Man United star



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Premier League legend Michael Owen has dismissed recent rumours surrounding one Manchester United star.

Marcus Rashford has faced challenges this season, a stark contrast to his impressive 30-goal performance across all competitions last year.

During Erik ten Hag’s second season at United, the left-winger has managed to score only eight goals.

This season has been tough for many players at Old Trafford, but Rashford, given his high profile within the team and occasionally questionable body language, has faced a large amount of criticism.

Recent reports suggest that INEOS is open to offers for nearly every player in the squad, with Rashford’s estimated price tag ranging from £70-100 million, depending on the source.

Despite rumours that the England international could depart his boyhood club, Michael Owen has slammed the idea and labelled it as “bollocks”.

Speaking to BoyleSports, Owen said: “This time of year is hilarious. Two or three months before every World Cup there is this big crisis everyone talks about.

“When the World Cup was in South America there were these killer mosquitos that were going to kill everyone, then one of the next ones was the stadiums not getting built and so on. Then lo and behold they are brilliant World Cups.

“Football is the same, with about five or six games to go, all the teams doing poorly get numerous articles of big clearouts. They say it every single year, and the reality is two players go, and you have barely heard of them. 

“Rashford won’t go, I’m sure of it, he’s Manchester through and through. The whole club is a struggle, but he has it in his locker and I think he might have an amazing Euros. He might leave but his value is so high, who would pay it? They might be thinking, is his attitude right? Is he in great form? I don’t see how it can all come together at the moment.

“There was talk of PSG but I can’t see that. Who can afford him? And would Man Utd want him to go, particularly with a new manager?

“I just don’t believe all this bollocks that goes round all the time at this part of the year, it never happens.”