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Getafe boss provides controversial Mason Greenwood statement surrounding Jude Bellingham



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Getafe manager José Bordalás recently fielded a question surrounding Mason Greenwood and an incident involving the Manchester United loanee and Jude Bellingham.

It has been claimed that Jude Bellingham has been reported to La Liga after he was accused of calling Mason Greenwood a “rapist” during Thursday’s fixture between Real Madrid and Getafe.

Getafe officials have formally requested the inclusion of Bellingham’s purported comment in the referee’s match report. An official complaint has been submitted to La Liga.

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It was the first time that the two high-profile players had faced each other, with Real Madrid running out as 2-0 winners. After one clash between the pair, Bellingham is alleged to have mouthed the word “rapist” aimed in Greenwood’s direction.

Greenwood was arrested for charges of rape and domestic abuse in January 2022, but the charges were ultimately dropped after key witnesses refused to step forward to give evidence.

The moment was noticed by fans watching the game on TV, with a few suggesting that what Bellingham actually said was “rubbish” – La Liga have since confirmed that a lip reader would be asked to examine the footage.

“Getafe yesterday transferred the complaint to the La Liga match director, and La Liga, as it always does on these occasions, has requested an expert report on lip reading to investigate the matter and act on the basis of what can be proven beyond doubt [by the lip reader],” La Liga said in a statement.

Speaking recently, Getafe manager José Bordalás answered a question surrounding the incident and claimed that Mason Greenwood was a “great guy” who “respects everyone” – which may be seen as controversial considering the circumstances.

Bordalás said: ‘I know the same thing that you know. It’s not up to me, it’s the club, La Liga and the Federation that have to make an assessment about it.

“The only thing that I can say is that I ask for respect from Mason Greenwood because he is a great guy.

“He is a man who respects everyone and has exemplary behaviour.’”