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Tyrell Malacia’s Man United injury details revealed, including BOTCHED surgery



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The details behind Tyrell Malacia’s season-long injury have finally been revealed after it was revealed the Manchester United player would not play until next season.

Tyrell Malacia‘s last appearance for Manchester United was the final game of last season’s final Premier League game – a 2-1 win over Fulham on 28 May.

After United announced that he would not travel on the club’s pre-season tour, Malacia has not been seen since. A report last month revealed that he will be out until next season at the earliest.

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This was not a forecast report, with Erik ten Hag explaining at the end of 2023 that he expected Malacia to be available once again during the beginning of 2024. This never happened.

And now, The Athletic have revealed the nature of his knee problem, why he’s had two surgeries, and why he is still not available.

Last season, Malacia felt some pain and complaints in his knee, and the decision to undergo surgery was taken, which is why he missed the pre-season tour. United recommended a London doctor, but Malacia wanted to undergo the process with one from the Netherlands without United’s oversight, and the club obliged.

However, scans revealed a few months later that small fragments of cartilage remained around the meniscus in his affected knee, which was the result of the initial operation not being completed properly. In November, the decision was taken to undergo corrective surgery to remove the remaining fragments with the same surgeon, but this time under the club’s supervision.

The second surgery meant that Malacia had to restart his rehabilitation from scratch, and although he was originally expected to be back earlier this year, further complications and poor communication at times have led to further delays.

Malacia is reportedly due to return to Carrington soon, but his full rehabilitation is not expected to be complete until the end of this season. This means he will not be seen in a United kit again until the 2024 pre-season at the earliest.

The report details that United’s medical department, under the stress of this season’s injury crisis, has prioritised other players over Malacia due to shorter return times as their resources have been stretched thin.