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Sir Dave Brailsford watched one Man United star demonstrate “losing behaviour” at full-time vs Fulham



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Sir Dave Brailsford was present at Old Trafford as Manchester United fell to defeat against Fulham after a poor performance.

The INEOS chief has been at every game since Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s bid was confirmed on Christmas Eve. This has been United’s second loss since then.

However, the way in which Erik ten Hag’s side lost that game would have provided some warning signs to Brailsford that he might not have been fully aware of yet.

One in particular would’ve come through one of his most important rules within successful sporting organisations.

He has previously detailed the importance of avoiding “losing behaviours” and showcasing “winning behaviours”. One of the negative examples he’s previously used is moaning.

“You could be doing all these winning behaviours, but just one or two of these losing behaviours, and it outweighed all these winning behaviours,” Brailsford explained in a recent Sky Sports documentary series, Secrets of Success.

“Moaning, for example. If I moan about everything and every time I come in it’s ‘Same old, same old, this that and the other’ – moaning is very much a losing behaviour.

“You can either moan about everything or you can take it on board and say I’m not going to do that, despite feeling disgruntled about something, I’m going to try to feel positive about it. For everyone winning or losing behaviour, there is the opposite.”

Now, at full-time against Fulham, a clip emerged of captain Bruno Fernandes doing exactly that. Moaning to the referee.

After a dismal performance, where he was one of the worst players on the pitch, it is mystifying what the Portuguese midfielder would even be saying to the referee.

But Brailsford would’ve certainly been aware of it, and considering his prior comments, he wouldn’t have liked it.

Of course, whilst you need leaders to be intimidating and show authority when speaking to the officials at times – that is not it. It was, instead, a perfect example of the kind of “losing behaviour” that INEOS are looking to stamp out at the club.