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Roy Keane slams one “frightened” Man United player during FA Cup win vs Coventry



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Credit: ITV

Roy Keane has slammed one Manchester United player who was “frightened” during the FA Cup semi-final win over Coventry.

The Reds were 3-0 up before they conceded three goals in just over 20 minutes to send the game to extra-time.

If it weren’t for an extremely tight offside call by VAR, Erik ten Hag’s men would’ve been knocked out of the tournament in what would’ve been one of the most embarrassing FA Cup moments ever.

Roy Keane, who was on punditry duty for the ITV1 game, was highly critical of André Onana, who received a yellow card for time wasting while United were ahead.

“They’ve got the game won, and they’re just taking their foot off the gas, and I’m waiting for leadership, and I’m seeing people with bad habits,” Keane said.

“I’m looking at the goalkeeper, wasting time, your goalkeeper, man, you know, you’re two or three nil up, and you’re wasting time, just get on with the game, you know, flex your muscles, you’ve got the game won.

“And all of a sudden, they take a step back, almost, show some courage, almost frightened to go and win the game.

“So, again, huge problems for Man United going forward, but they got the job done, but, you know, the applause has to go to Coventry.”

Fortunately, Onana made a difference in the penalty shootout, with one save and some additional mind games to help force a missed penalty.

United will face Manchester City in the final of the FA Cup next month and will need to be much better.