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Mason Greenwood wins Getafe award following La Liga’s reversed statement



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Mason Greenwood has been awarded the “Five Star Player” award at Getafe after positive La Liga performances in December.

Mason Greenwood has spent the last five months on loan at La Liga side Getafe after it was established that the winger would never play for Manchester United again following a domestic abuse investigation.

Although the CPS dropped all charges, the damage had been done as United fans protested against his return, with the club ultimately deciding to send him out on loan.

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Greenwood has faired well in Spain and has now been awarded the “Five Star Player” award for Getafe by their sponsor, Mahou. The award is handed to one player from each club they sponsor, where Mahou put up five players from each club who have performed well and the fans vote on who they feel deserves the award most for each club.

Greenwood started and played 90 minutes in all four of Getafe’s La Liga fixtures in December, securing one goal and one assist as they won two games, drew one, and lost one.

However, January did not bring the Englishman the same fortunes, with Greenwood being sent off for swearing at the referee during a 2-0 loss against Real Vallecano on 2 January prior to winning this award.

After the referee revealed their reasoning for the expulsion, Getafe appealed the ban Greenwood was facing, with La Liga overturning the decision and providing the following statement:

“The task of this disciplinary body is not to re-referee the matches, without determining, where appropriate, the existence of a manifest material error in the referee’s description of the action.

“As has been said here, only proof of an error of this type can distort the assessment made by the referee and, consequently, the veracity of what was recorded in the minutes. 

“The repeated viewing of the images, in fact, has allowed this Committee to conclude, beyond any doubt, that the action that led to the expulsion did not occur as described by the referee and, ultimately, prove the material error manifest in the referee’s report.

“These images demonstrate that the player actually said: ‘One, two, three, four, f***’.”