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Manchester United ‘previously treated’ Antony’s ex-girlfriend after alleged attack



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Warning: The following material can be judged to be of a sensitive and violent nature.

In a piece of news that has been circling since early June, Antony has been accused of domestic abuse on multiple occasions by his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin.

Manchester United‘s winger, Antony, has been the centre of a domestic abuse charge, with his ex-girlfriend filing multiple complaints with the police.

Gabriela Cavallin, who herself is a DJ, first filed her report on Monday 5 June, reported four separate occasions where the player is said to have threatened and/or attacked her in her complaint to the police.

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This is all according to the original report of the news, from ESPN Brazil, which details each alleged event.

According to the report, which can be read here, Cavallin reported that “she was seen by two Manchester United doctors” before having to “undergo surgery” in São Paulo in April 2023.

The report states that this was in relation to the second alleged attack, where Antony allegedly attacked her for “jealousy reasons” at her own apartment, causing her breast implants to dislodge.

According to @binhaf on X’s translation, Antony is said to have “bashed her head open, he beat her so hard it dislodged her breast implant and she had to go through a new surgery, he took her passport away and she had to beg for help to escape back to Brazil.”

Now, this is not to say that United were aware of the attack itself at the time, but subsequently, a second set of complaints has been filed, with photos and text messages that Cavallin has handed in being revealed.

Antony denied these claims on Monday evening, saying in a statement: “Out of respect for my fans, friends and family I feel obligated to speak publicly about the false accusations I have been a victim of.

“From the beginning I have handled this issue seriously and with respect, providing the due clarifications to the police authority. The police inquest is under cover of justice, and therefore I cannot make its content public.

“However, I can say with confidence that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and more to be produced show that I am innocent of the accusations made. My relationship with Ms. Gabriela was tumultuous, with verbal offences from both sides, but I never practised any physical aggression.

“Every time, whether in testimony or in interview, she presents a different version of the accusations.

“Thus, I come to deny the accusations made and inform that I remain at the full disposal of the Brazilian authorities to clarify what is needed. I trust the ongoing police investigations will reveal the truth about my innocence.”

Antony has since been dropped from the Brazil national team as the investigation continues.