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Man United players questioning Rasmus Højlund prove their shockingly egotistical mindset



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There have been reports that one Manchester United player, who was not named, is “perplexed” by the signing of Rasmus Højlund in the summer.

Manchester United’s season so far under Erik ten Hag has been nothing short of a complete mess, with the club losing ten games faster than they have in any season in the last decade and failing in their competitions.

They sit seventh in the Premier League table and bottom of their Champions League group, with the club failing to score goals and conceding way too many.

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According to a report that surfaced on Tuesday morning, there are four signings who are being questioned by United players, with one player “perplexed” at the signing of Rasmus Højlund.

But one thing is for sure – whoever this player is, they have not scored more goals than Rasmus Højlund this season. The raw, 20-year-old striker was signed for £72 million with the idea that he would be moulded into the next goal-getter for United over the coming years.

He has scored five goals so far, all in the Champions League, and has had one finish unfairly ruled out in the Premier League, too. He is equal for goals alongside Bruno Fernandes and has two more goals than Alejandro Garnacho, the next nearest attacking threat.

In the Champions League, United have failed Højlund more than he has failed them, with the player scoring five goals in five games while United have won just one of these.

The idea that a senior Manchester United player is questioning the transfer of bringing in a young player full of potential who is giving everything to try and win for the club while others sulk in the shadows shows just how egotistical the squad culture is.

Do they think they can do better? If so, why don’t they?

If a player is brought in as part of a long-term project, why question when the results aren’t immediate? United have Anthony Martial as another striker option, who has been at the club for over eight years and is meant to be in the peak seasons of his career, yet he’s scored less than 20 goals in the last three and has been identified as one of the players with the least care for the club’s successes.

This is where the real problem lies, not in a kid who is trying to build himself to be one of the best strikers in the game for the club he loves so dearly. Questioning Højlund’s signing and what he could do for the club is so out of touch considering that Højlund has done more this season than almost every other player.

Someone needs a rude awakening.