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“Learned so much” – Mason Greenwood ‘desperate to stay’ at Manchester United



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Credit: IMAGO / PRiME Media Images

Mason Greenwood is said to be desperate to stay at Manchester United after he was suspended by the club in January 2022.

Mason Greenwood was suspended by Manchester United last year after photos and videos alleging he had domestically abused his partner surfaced on social media.

Although he was arrested and a case built against him by the Crown Prosecution Service, this case was ultimately dropped due to key witnesses not stepping forwards.

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It has since been reported that, while the club are yet to make an official decision, the club’s main sponsor, Adidas, would not be against Greenwood’s return to Erik ten Hag’s squad.

It is important to note that Adidas have since publically denied these “secret” meetings where the alleged agreement between club and sponsor took place.

On Greenwood’s current situation, a source told The Sun: “He’s being encouraged to speak publicly and to have his voice heard. But, privately, he has told those close to him that he has learned a huge amount.

“He became a father for the first time earlier this month and realises he has to grow up. He is grateful to Adidas — to have a sponsor like that in his corner means the world.”

The report further explains that although he remains suspended, club staff have created a new training regime for Greenwood, and are continuing to monitor him.

Greenwood is said to be desperate to stay at United and wants to rebuild his career at Old Trafford.