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“Cannot be in the same room” – André Onana changes Cameroon AFCON stance



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André Onana is now set to miss Cameroon’s first fixture of AFCON due to his commitments to Manchester United, according to reports.

André Onana‘s stint away with Cameroon in Ivory Coast for the 2024 AFCON tournament has caused much debate, with the play reluctant to leave his playing duties at Manchester United.

Having signed for Erik ten Hag in the summer, Onana has been adamant that his commitment is to the Old Trafford club over his country.

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With most players being released at the beginning of the month to their countries to prepare for the tournament, Onana stayed behind to keep himself available for United’s fixtures against Wigan Athletic and Tottenham Hotspur and was due to travel to play for Cameroon on 15 January, but this is no longer the case.

As revealed by iSport, Onana will still fly to the Ivory Coast after the game against Tottenham has concluded, but he will no longer play in the game, and instead will not be available until the side face Senegal on 19 January.

“Andre is committed to playing for his country, he would not be there if he wasn’t,” a source told iSport.

“But United is the priority for him. For the second match against Senegal, they will be favourites, if Cameroon were to lose the first match to Guinea, should he really have to play versus Senegal if they are just going to lose anyway?”

Further to this, the source reveals to iSport that the issues between Onana and the head of Cameroon’s FA, Samuel Eto’o, have not been resolved. It is said that they “cannot be in the same room” as each other as it stands.