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What Marcus Rashford told Manchester United about before deleted Bruno Fernandes report



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A new report has claimed that Marcus Rashford’s team believe someone close to Manchester United “has it out for him”.

The report comes from the Muppetiers, who on Wednesday’s episode of their podcast, discussed the future of Marcus Rashford following the Englishman missing training last week after being pictured clubbing in Belfast in the days prior.

Rashford’s absence led to the forward apologising during a meeting with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag and football director John Murtough on Monday morning.

Punished for the incident, according to the report, Rashford, who was accompanied by his agent and brother Dwaine Maynard for the talks, is believed to have raised concerns over the amount of negative press that seems to follow him.

“There are concerns around people that someone essentially has it out for him, someone around the club,” stated James of the Muppetiers. “There’s a hell of a lot of leaks that have come out about Marcus Rashford that are clearly not from him or his side.

“Little things. You see all these stories from The Sun that have private conversations with Bruno [Fernandes]. Now are those stories true? Maybe. But if they are, who’s leaking a conversation between two teammates? Who’s doing that? Why is that happening?

“There are a lot of leaks coming out from somewhere, that is quite concerning, and they’re mostly targeted at him, and it’s been happening for some time.

“They’re not coming from him, they certainly don’t paint him in a good light, and it is constant [and] regular. He put a target on his back by doing what he did, but there’s concerns over that.”

In the days since the talks between Marcus Rashford and Erik ten Hag occurred, it has been confirmed by the club that Rashford has, “taken responsibility for his actions”, and the forward will be available for Thursday night’s game against Wolves.

The Sun’s report of an argument between Rashford and Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes was featured in an article on Tuesday.

The article noted that Bruno told Rashford something akin to ‘you’ve been miserable for days, and the only time you brighten up is when you talk about going on holiday.’

However, the article in The Sun has since been stealth-edited, removing all reference to the alleged argument without making such an edit clear.