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Sir Dave Brailsford has already explained why Man United’s Erik ten Hag decision is taking so long



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Credit: Diary of a CEO

Sir Dave Brailsford and the INEOS team are taking longer than expected to decide whether Erik ten Hag should stay at Manchester United.

Ten Hag has been at United for two years now and has won the Carabao Cup and FA Cup in that time.

Yet, doubts remain about the Dutchman after the club finished eighth in the Premier League last season, its worst-ever finish since the competition was formed in 1992.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sir Dave Brailsford were expected to confirm their decision after a review of Ten Hag’s tenure so far. However, that is yet to happen.

UtdDistrict understands that United are not in any advanced talks for transfers yet due to the uncertainty over the managerial situation and it is something that is starting to frustrate supporters.

Brailsford, the INEOS chief, has previously explained how he approaches big decisions like this one and admitted that he sometimes takes his time to ensure he covers every angle of the decision.

“You want to make sure that you’ve actually got some cultural values that you’re going to stand by. And of course, those real moments, when they do arrive, and you’ve got to address it, they’re very, very stressful,” he told The Diary of a CEO in 2022.

“I kind of get very introspective and look at myself in the mirror and think it through and think it through. And everybody who works for me will say it takes me time to make a decision because I think of every permutation, and I think it through so much.

“Emotionally, I don’t think I can’t, actually. I’m just so engaged with those things that I’ve really, really got to think carefully about them. And I’ve had to make a couple of pretty big decisions along those lines.

“And in the end, I thought, right, what do I believe in? Is it a popular decision? Is it a performance decision? In my world, we’re trying to win here, or do we want to keep people happy, or where do we go? And you need to establish your own, right, what do I believe in? And without really figuring out what you believe in, you’re always going to be caught in a storm otherwise.

“If it goes wrong, I always want to be able to look back and say, OK, well, I made decisions based on my principles. I didn’t make decisions based on that particular moment, doesn’t matter how difficult it was. And I’ll stick to that.”