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Rasmus Højlund responds to Man United legend with two key moments



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Rasmus Højlund has responded to advice from one Manchester United legend with his two goals in the last two games of the Premier League season.

Højlund, 21, has ended the campaign with 16 goals – although that figure could be added to if he nets against Manchester City in the FA Cup final.

Nevertheless, it has been a respectable return from the Danish striker, considering the circumstances at United this season.

The 21-year-old has also experienced major difficulties himself this term, with long periods without goals or even getting many chances at all.

Last week, United legend Andy Cole was asked to give Højlund advice amid a difficult period in front of goal, and the Premier League icon delivered one important message.

“He has an obsession to want to fight the centre-half. Don’t need to. Not in a modern-day game,” explained Cole when speaking on The Overlap.

“You know, back in the day, yeah, that’s totally different. You know, but now, he has this big obsession, ‘I’ve got to fight him, I’ve got to know where he is, I’ve got to have a little tussle with him’.

“He’s fighting and tussling so much he doesn’t get hold of the ball. You know, just play freely. Get hold of the ball.”

Højlund responds with two goals

Højlund has scored two goals in two games against Newcastle and Brighton since those comments from Cole, but it was the way in which he scored them that the United legend will appreciate.

The striker came off the bench in both games and netted in similar fashion, with a weak-footed finish after receiving the ball outside the box both times.

Instead of battling the centre-backs, Højlund found space to receive the ball to his feet and managed to run at the backline rather than tussling with them with his back to goal, as Cole mentioned.

This is something that many fans have been urging Højlund to do more and more. So the goals are not the only positive from these games, but also the way in which he scored them.