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Full statement: Mason Greenwood case vs Jude Bellingham is dropped



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Mason Greenwood’s case against Jude Bellingham has been dropped after it was not possible to prove what the England international said to Getafe’s Man United loanee.

The last month or so has seen Mason Greenwood and Jude Bellingham enter into somewhat of a battle after some fans thought that the English midfielder may have shouted “rapist” at his compatriot.

The alledged incident happened on 1 February during Real Madrid‘s 2-0 win over Getafe, when both players were seen fighting for the ball.

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However, according to information from Spanish outlet Marca, the case has now been dismissed as it is impossible to determine what was actually said.

While some thought the word “rapist” was shouted, it has also been argued that Bellingham instead shouted “rubbish”, which could be either in relation to Greenwood or another matter not relevant to the Manchester United loanee.

“The case transferred by Getafe to LaLiga regarding Bellingham’s possible insult to Greenwood during Getafe-Madrid and in which the Real Madrid player was accused of having called the blue-and-white footballer “rapist”, which means “rapist”, has been dismissed because it is not proven that he said ‘rapist’ or ‘rubbish’ (garbage) clearly,” Marca’s article explained in a statement.

The accusation has held weight as Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 following allegations of domestic violence and sexual abuse towards his partner, with whom he now fathers a child.

The 2022 case against Greenwood was dropped after the CPS confirmed that insufficient evidence and refusal to speak from key witnesses meant they had no choice but to drop all charges.