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Marcus Rashford could equal England record with an appearance vs Belgium



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Marcus Rashford could equal an English record record if he comes off the bench against Belgium on Tuesday evening under Gareth Southgate.

Marcus Rashford has become a regular in the England squad over the last five years after he secured himself a long-standing space at Manchester United.

Breaking through the academy into the first team as an 18-year-old, Rashford has become a key part of England. Since his international debut in May 2016, he has scored 17 goals in 60 appearances, 34 of which have been from the bench.

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Rashford came off the bench as England lost 1-0 against Brazil on Saturday afternoon at Wembley Stadium. If he does so again, he would equal Jermaine Defoe’s record of making the most substitute appearances for England (35)

Rashford has often shown himself to be a powerful option off the bench for his country, but many feel that he may grab a starting spot during EURO 2024.

England lack many naturally talented left-wingers in their current squad, and although Rashford has been on mixed form of late, he has scored a goal in all of his last three appearances for United, against Manchester City, Everton, and Liverpool.

England midfielder Jordan Henderson makes the top 10 with 26 appearances off the bench in 81 games. 

Emile Heskey, Phil Neville, Kieron Dyer, Owen Hargreaves, Joe Cole, James Milner, and Peter Crouch are on the rest of the list.  

Rashford should start for England

There are several reasons why Marcus Rashford should start for England on the left wing. Firstly, Rashford has demonstrated consistent performance when it counts for both Manchester United and England over the last few seasons. He has proven himself a reliable attacking threat during big occasions, having recorded over forty goal involvements against the “big six” during his career.

Rashford’s versatility is a valuable asset for any team. He can play in multiple attacking positions, including as a winger, striker, or even in a supporting role behind the striker on the rare occasion. This flexibility provides England’s manager with tactical options and the ability to adapt to different opponents and game situations.

As alluded to before, Rashford has experience playing in big games and high-pressure situations, both domestically and internationally. This experience is invaluable in tournament football, where composure and confidence can make a significant difference.

Rashford’s pace and dribbling ability, two of his most valuable assets, make him a nightmare for opposing defenders. His speed and skill on the ball enable him to beat defenders one-on-one, stretch defences, and create space for himself and his teammates.

Finally, he also possesses a natural goal-scoring instinct and has consistently found the back of the net for both club and country. His ability to score crucial goals in important matches makes him a vital asset for England’s attacking prowess.

Although it’s almost a certainty that Rashford will be on the plane to Germany this summer, there is a compelling argument that he should be starting once the tournament kicks off.