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Manchester United legends clash over Marcus Rashford nightclub incident



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Several Manchester United legends have weighed in on the discussion surrounding Marcus Rashford following his nightclub incident in Belfast last week.

The incident, which saw Rashford be pictured in a nightclub, just hours before being forced to miss training as a result of being ‘sick’ has drawn much media attention.

Though the incident has since been addressed, and Rashford has apologised to manager Erik ten Hag, it has remained a popular story across several media outlets.

Speaking on the Stick to Football podcast Manchester United legend Roy Keane would have his say on the Rashford incident, as well as the media coverage surrounding him.

“I don’t think he [Marcus Rashford] was ever that perfect,” stated the former Manchester United captain. “The stuff he was doing off the field, which he gets a lot of credit for. I never thought he had some halo above his head, but I also don’t think for one minute that he’s some sort of nasty lad. 

“I think he’s certainly made a few mistakes very close to each other. The profile of Manchester United, the fact United are struggling, he’s an easy target – his decision-making currently is obviously not very good.”

Where Keane, sympathised with Rashford over the incident, former Red Dimitar Berbatov was reluctant to do the same.

Writing in his Betfair column, the former United striker would label Rashford’s behaviour as ‘indefensible.’

“There is no excuse for Marcus Rashford’s indiscipline,” stated the two-time Premier League winner. “I’d like to find an excuse because I’ll always try to defend the players because I’ve been there.

“I know how it is, what it sometimes takes from you being a professional under pressure. You want to relax – and you can do it – but only if you don’t skip training the next day.

“From what I understand, he was not sick. It sounds like he didn’t feel confident and fit enough to go to training, which doesn’t look good for him in a professional way.

“First and foremost, as a professional and a United player, you’re a footballer and the team is your number one priority. If you’re fit and don’t have family problems, you need to be at training.

“If a player goes partying and doesn’t go to training the next day, then I can’t defend his behaviour.

“From what I saw from Ten Hag, you could see on his face that he was angry about the whole situation.”