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Manchester United icon who was exiled agrees with Jadon Sancho’s decision



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Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam has explained why he believes Jadon Sancho’s return to Borussia Dortmund was the right move for all involved.

Stam, who, in a similar situation to Sancho’s, was famously ousted from United by then manager Sir Alex Ferguson, explained that he believed the Englishman would have known the club would have had no choice but to allow him to leave.

“I think it’s better for everyone that Jadon Sancho is back at Dortmund,” Stam told Ladbrokes. “He probably did everything he could to leave Manchester United, because that’s how these things go when a player is not happy, and he knows how eventual the situation is, that the club would have to let him go.

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Continuing to discuss Sancho, the three-time Premier League winner Stam would go on the explain how if the winger is to see a return to form, it could come at the embarrassment of Ten Hag.

“The club needed to make the decision to let him play his football somewhere else… it’s good for the manager because it means he’s not going to be asked all of the same questions about the player. Although, of course, if he goes and does well in Dortmund, I’m sure people will then ask the manager why he allowed the player to leave!

“But I think it’s better for all parties that he moved on. Sometimes you see players with this kind of power within themselves, even though they haven’t proven themselves at the club or at a certain level, but they’re not happy with how the manager has treated them or what the manager has said about them…

“But they still get a great move out of it, to go and play somewhere else. It’s better for everyone that he left, I think.”

Joining United in July of 2021, Sancho’s arrival from Germany at the cost of £73 million came after years of scouting from then-manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær and his team.

Since his return to Dortmund, Sancho’s signing has already proven to be a commercial success for the Bundesliga giants.

Dortmund have already sold over 5000 copies of Sancho’s No. 10 shirt in just the first week since his return to the club.