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Manchester United address Mason Greenwood investigation following delayed announcement



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Manchester United have delayed announcing their decision in relation to whether Mason Greenwood will return to the squad or not.

The 21-year-old has been suspended from the club since January 2022 after photos and videos alleging he had domestically abused his partner surfaced on social media.

Although he was arrested and a case built against him by the Crown Prosecution Service, this case was ultimately dropped due to key witnesses not stepping forwards.

Following this, United started their own internal investigation into the matter to help decide whether or not Greenwood should be reinstated into the squad at United.

Despite prior reports stating that there would be an announcement before the Premier League season began, there has still been no communication following the club’s 1-0 opening win against Wolves.

This is because the club want to display the findings of their ‘thorough’ investigation to their key stakeholders.

Collette Roche, Chief Operating Officer at Manchester United, has addressed the situation and stated that the end decision is ‘firmly’ on the them, amid criticism women’s players received on social media after inaccurate reports suggested they would contribute to the decision.

“We’ve done a really detailed and thorough internal investigation and we’ve asked as many people as we can around what happened and try to understand it beyond the original investigation done by the police,” Roche told The Athletic.

“You’d expect us to engage with people who were relevant in terms of stakeholder groups. And now we just need to make the decision. That decision is firmly a decision that’s on us.”

Meanwhile, Rick McGagh, the head of fan engagement at the club, added: “It’s not accurate to say we’ve had full consultation with the fan advisory board on what decision we’re making. This is not a consultation.”

Greenwood has been training individually away from Carrington with the permission of the club and was recorded during a session last week.