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“Let’s f***ing go” Man United insiders reveal Ratcliffe and Brailsford Old Trafford conversations



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Manchester United insiders have revealed the conversations they had with Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sir Dave Brailsford in the opening weeks of INEOS’ time at Old Trafford.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s investment of just over a quarter of Manchester United has come with the British billionaire’s company, INEOS, gaining full sporting control at Old Trafford.

INEOS have injected Sir Dave Brailsford and Jean-Claude Blanc into the set-up above Erik ten Hag, and recently, Ratcliffe and Brailsford spoke to club staff about their ambitions and goals for the club.

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Speaking to The Athletic, multiple people who were involved in the meetings have spoken about the pair in glowing terms.

“Jim was very good, Brailsford was really exciting on sporting excellence. I found it all positive and even the principle of them doing it so early when they didn’t need to was good,” one insider said.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if they hadn’t done it until the deal was done or if INEOS had done it but without Jim.”

Another said: “It was just so different to everything we’ve heard from the Glazers. Football first, commercial/revenue as a consequence of that; effective decision-making based on what will bring footballing success, not what will generate income; approachability, open communication; being in it for the success and prestige, not the money; setting the standard that we should be competing for the league title and in the latter stages of the Champions League every year.

“No being happy with finishing fourth, no avoiding direct questions. It was so refreshing.”

INEOS also met with the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST), where their chair, JD Deitch, described their conversations as “positive”.

“It was a positive meeting,” he said. “They get it. There will be a ‘root-and-branch’ review of the entire football operation. Dave Brailsford will be spending most of his time on that, along with Jean-Claude Blanc. Ratcliffe said, ‘I am not in this for the money. I make my money in chemicals’.

“Action speaks louder than words, and while they did not say anything more than how they would approach their review, you could feel the winds of change blowing. They will not be absentee owners.

“I left the meeting thinking two things: One, Jim Ratcliffe and Dave Brailsford genuinely believe they can fix Manchester United. Two, they are aware of how much trust and support has been lost from fans. We spoke about the flat atmosphere. There’s no conviction in the ground. After Tottenham’s second goal on Sunday, it was almost like we were expecting United would mess it up. So, just when the players need our support, they’re not getting it.

“We have to give them a chance. We have to try to work with them. This is a generational opportunity to make a difference. The last time we had this opportunity was 18 years ago. I was 36 in 2005. I protested in Manchester and in the U.S.; I did interviews on MUTV, the BBC and others talking about how bad the Glazers would be.

“I am no fan of the Glazers. They never gave us the opportunity to talk. These are. These people are saying the right things. They’re saying that there’s nothing off the table. Let’s f***ing go then. I’m not going to wait until I’m 72 for the next chance.”