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“I didn’t get that in Manchester” – Paul Pogba speaks on why he left Man United



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Credit: Views France

Paul Pogba has explained that the reason he moved back to Juventus from Manchester United is because he did not feel the same “love” in England as he does in Italy.

Paul Pogba and Manchester United was a story that never quite got its fairy tale ending.

After the Frenchman re-joined the club for a world-record £89 million fee after leaving for £800k just four years prior, he was meant to spearhead a new winning era at United under Jose Mourinho… but it was not meant to be.

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His second stint at the club, which lasted six years, started well with living multiple trophies, however, multiple and significant injuries combined with criticism from fans ultimately resulted in Pogba leaving United for free, once again, to Juventus.

Speaking to views about why he re-joined United in the first place, Pogba explained that it’s because he felt like he had unfinished business at the club.

“I went back to Manchester because I hadn’t finished my work there,” he explained. “I said to myself: ‘I really want to play with the A’s (the first team)’. I did it and it was a goal achieved for me. We have already won, not the Premier League, but titles that Manchester have not won for a long time.”

He further explained that the reason he left again in 2022 was that he did not feel the same love that he does at Juventus, citing the transfer fee label he was given from the first moment he landed back in England.

“And I came back to Juve, why? Because it’s really the club that helped me push myself. And really the love from the fans, the love from the club that I get, I didn’t get that in Manchester. I was quite surprised when I came back to England, already with the transfer I was given a label. It was quite sad. 

“But it’s two clubs that I really love, that made me grow and I can only say thank you to these two clubs. Maybe I could have gone to other clubs, but it was my heart that chose those clubs and I often follow my heart. “