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“Needs help…” Ian Wright blasts Jamie Carragher’s comments about Manchester United’s Casemiro



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Ian Wright has lambasted claims made by ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher surrounding Manchester United midfielder Casemiro.

During Manchester United‘s 4-0 loss against Crystal Palace, Casemiro and Jonny Evans were blasted for their poor defensive performances. Both players had to cover for significant injuries at centre-back.

Although the position is natural for Evans, he is carrying an injury, while Casemiro was playing an auxiliary role in the position for Erik ten Hag, away from his natural place of midfield.

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Following the performance, Jamie Carragher slammed Casemiro for the performance he gave United fans at Selhurst Park, saying he should think about leaving this summer.

“Casemiro should know tonight as an experienced player that he should only have another three games left at the top level – the next two [Premier] league games and the [FA] cup final – then he should be thinking, ‘I need to go to the MLS or Saudi’,” Carragher said on Sky Sports.

“I’m deadly serious – his agent, the team of people around him… they need to tell him: this has to stop.”

Wright’s critical response

Speaking on his podcast Wrighty’s House, Arsenal legend and now pundit Ian Wright completely disagreed with the notion behind Carragher’s comments, explaining that Casemiro instead needs extra help.

“I wanted to mention Casemiro quickly because he’s been one of the main talking points after that game. We saw Jamie Carragher mention him on the show about how great he’s been over the years and that maybe he should stop now and go to the MLS or Saudi, which I thought was really quite disrespectful if I’m being honest. 

“When you look at Casemiro and what United have always needed, he was really good when he came, and I don’t think he thought for one minute that he would be in such a disorganised situation at this point in his career. 

“To go to Manchester United and play at that stadium and that stage of his career would have been so hard for him to turn down. He would never have seen United in the position they are in now and didn’t think he’d be getting so exposed by the team. 

“Whatever people say about him, I don’t think he is done. I don’t think he is. You can see we’re talking about a world-class player who’s played in a world-class team. A club of United’s stature should have players who can help him. 

“People say he’s 32, so he must be gone – no. I was still okay at that age. You’re not over. It’s all about the players and the structure around you. He needs more help, and he’s not got it.”