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Why Gareth Southgate’s hypocritical comments are a huge boost for Man United



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Gareth Southgate’s hypocritical comments surrounding Marcus Rashford’s England omission could greatly benefit Manchester United.

Gareth Southgate’s decision to exclude Marcus Rashford from England‘s Euro 2024 squad has sparked controversy, particularly given his justification. Southgate has claimed that “other players in that area of the pitch have had better seasons,” which raises eyebrows considering the inclusion of Jack Grealish, whose season has not been markedly superior to Rashford’s.

Rashford’s stats and contributions, despite being sub-par compared to last season, have still been somewhat significant for United. The winger has scored eight goals and provided five assists across the campaign. Grealish, on the other hand, has provided just three goals and three assists, having little impact on Manchester City’s title-winning season.

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Grealish’s selection over Rashford appears inconsistent with Southgate’s stated criteria, suggesting potential favouritism or a different underlying rationale. This perceived hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed among fans and pundits alike.

However, from Manchester United’s perspective, Rashford’s omission might be a blessing in disguise. The forward has endured a gruelling season, and the additional rest could be beneficial for his recovery and preparation for the next campaign.

This respite will allow Rashford to recharge and recuperate after his poor season compared to usual standards, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring he returns to club duties in optimal condition.

United have seen the physical toll international duties can take on their players, and Rashford’s summer break provides a strategic advantage. A well-rested Rashford could be crucial for United’s ambitions in the Premier League and Europe from next season onwards.

Southgate also admitted that it was a “difficult call” to drop Rashford from the squad this summer, especially considering that the player has been an “important part” of the squad over the last six years. Rashford scored three goals for England during the recent World Cup, and many have explained that the X-factor he has is a crucial weapon for Southgate’s Arsenal.

Ultimately, while Southgate’s rationale may be questioned, the outcome offers United a refreshed and ready Marcus Rashford for the upcoming season, which will significantly impact their performance and success should the 26-year-old rediscover his brilliant best.