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Dan Ashworth is about to give Manchester United a secret weapon, says Premier League recruitment expect



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Dan Ashworth is set to give Manchester United a secret weapon once he joins INEOS at the Old Trafford club from Newcastle United.

INEOS are looking to build a super-squad of high-level appointments at Manchester United as they look to rebuilt the Old Trafford structure to what it once was before the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe‘s 25 per cent acquisition of United has so far borne fruits, with Omar Berrada set to come in as the new CEO of the club, with Dan Ashworth wanting to be part of the rebuild and leaving Newcastle United to do so.

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Ashworth is highly regarded as one of the best at his job in football, so much so that a recruitment expert at a leading Premier League club belives that Ashworth will have his own secret weapon that he can hand United.

The expert belives that Ashworth will definitely have access to his own database of players that will not be club specific, meaning it is his own neutral view of players that cannot be taken by any club.

“One hundred per cent, he will have access to his own database of players that will be ‘club neutral’, so to speak; i.e. [he] just assesses them in isolation [rather than using specific metrics relative to a specific club],” the recruitment specialist told The Times.

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Newcastle announced on Monday that they had placed Dan Ashworth on gardening leave after he requested to leave the club in order to join Manchester United, and as a consequence, he has been blocked from accessing any and all sensitive information relating to Newcastle.

“If he’s sharp [which he is], he will have a database compiled from his time at England, Brighton and now Newcastle,” the expert continued.

“The ‘club sensitive’ data will be specific to transfer targets for the latter two, but in terms of generalised player data, what he’ll have at his disposal will be enormous.”

Newcastle want United to cough up £20 million as compensation for Ashworth having his gardening leave terminated, but INEOS are unwilling to match this figure.

It is thought that, at some point, the two clubs will come to an agreement on a lower compensation fee for Ashworth to spend a reduced amount of time on gardening leave.