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André Onana agrees with Bruno Fernandes’ admission about unsuccessful Man United players



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André Onana agrees with Bruno Fernandes’ admission about Manchester United’s unsuccessful players after the FA Cup final win over Coventry City.

Bruno Fernandes scored to put Manchester United 3-0 up in the FA Cup semi-final against Coventry City – they were cruising their way into the final.

However, a rather unexplainable turn of events saw Coventry take complete control of the game and, through sheer willpower, force three goals past André Onana to take the tie into extra time.

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Luckily for Erik ten Hag and his men, United prevailed during the shootout, but the victory does not make up for the overall dreadful season United fans have endured.

Having been knocked out of the Champions League and Carabao Cup earlier this campaign while sitting seventh in the League table, Bruno Fernandes and André Onana had something to say about what defines “success.”

Not even the FA Cup is enough

The pair agreed that winning the FA Cup alone wouldn’t be enough to call 2023/24 a successful season.

Fernandes told ITV: “We’ll never be successful if we win [only] the FA Cup.” He pointed out that the club’s standards are higher than its current performance in various competitions.

“The standard of this club is much higher than what we have been doing,” he elaborated. “We have to do better in the league, the League Cup, and in Europe.”

Onana echoed Fernandes, stating: “I don’t think being a Manchester United player winning the FA Cup is a successful season.” He emphasized the team’s desire to compete for titles like the Premier League and Champions League.

There’s more to come

Both players expressed confidence in the team’s ability to achieve more in the future, with Onana highlighting the importance of securing a European finish in the Premier League this season.

“You will see much more, trust me,” Onana said. “Hopefully, in the coming years, we’ll fight for big things. That means trying to finish in the top four this season, which is very important for us to be in the Champions League. We’ll fight for everything.”

Their comments reflect Manchester United’s ambition to succeed across multiple competitions, not just in the FA Cup.