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Underrated Man Utd moment vs Liverpool shows Amad’s improvement, says Darren Fletcher



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Amad Diallo’s winning goal against Liverpool has thrust him into headlines, but an underrated moment shows his real improvement at Manchester United.

Amad Diallo‘s winning goal against Liverpool was a moment of beyond joy for Manchester United fans around the world. The 4-3 FA Cup thriller was a game that will go down in the history books.

Bar Amad, no one would have been more thrilled for the young Ivorian than Erik ten Hag, as the goal has kept Manchester United‘s hopes of securing silverware this season very much alive.

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Amad has been void of chances to shine this season after a five-month injury earlier this season saw his development stunt, and since he returned in late December, he has played a total of just 98 minutes across four appearances.

Although the Liverpool goal may be seen as a symbolic moment in his career, United technical director Darren Fletcher told The Athletic that Amad’s real improvement can be seen through an underrated moment.

The story goes that after Harry Maguire equalised against Fulham in February, Amad sprinted back, uncertain how to defend in the situation, reminiscent of a previous encounter against Nottingham Forest earlier in the season.

On both occasions, United equalised late but ultimately lost the ties 2-1. However, in the match against Liverpool, after Marcus Rashford’s 112th-minute equalizer, the scoreline stood at 3-3, prompting Amad to swiftly retreat into defence.

“At that key moment, he has to decide whether to become a right-back or where else to defend,” explained Fletcher.

“Amad recognised what he had to do. The intensity, attitude and work rate is there. The off-the-ball stuff is really important. Against Liverpool, he showed he’d taken on all our feedback. He made more runs, he was more elusive as well as getting across his attacking qualities.

“He’s needed to be patient,” Fletcher continued. “He needed a moment, and hopefully, Sunday was that moment.”

After this, of course, he scored the winning goal. Regardless of how his career pans out, which many are hopeful will end with a flourishing left-winger thriving at Old Trafford, his finish will be a moment that both he and United fans will treasure for years to come.