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Manchester United players should feel “insulted” by Erik ten Hag’s comments, says Wayne Rooney



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Credit: Sky Sports

Wayne Rooney has claimed that Manchester United’s player should feel insulted following Erik ten Hag’s post-match comments after a defeat to Arsenal.

Manchester United suffered their 14th Premier League defeat of the season on Sunday afternoon as Arsenal won 1-0 at Old Trafford. The club has never lost this many games during a single season of the competition.

Despite the loss, it must be admitted that the overall performance was much better than what was shown against Crystal Palace during a 4-0 defeat last Monday evening.

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Asked what the key was to a much-improved performance against Arsenal compared to the Crystal Palace loss, Erik ten Hag said to Sky Sports: “It’s attitude.

“It starts always with the right attitude. And that is what you have to build during the week. And on match day, you have to be spot on. And today, we did.

“And then you see, even when we missed seven starting XI plays, potential starting XI plays, we are competitive with one of the best teams in the league.”

However, following this post-match interview, Wayne Rooney claimed that the United players should feel offended that Ten Hag has questioned the players’ attitude, as that should be one thing that is always at 100 per cent.

“I think anyone who’s Manchester United manager is under pressure because obviously it’s a huge club, and when you’re losing games and in the way they’re losing games at the minute is (poor),” Rooney said on Sky Sports.

“There’s going to be big questions asked, and I’ve said this a few weeks ago, I think the players have to really look at themselves because when you’ve got your manager doing an interview and he’s talking about attitude and players’ attitude not being right to play for Manchester United that is a massive insult.

“If I see my manager saying that, then there’s no way I’d just let that ride and ride until the end of the season, and it looks like some players are just trying to get to the end of the season. That’s my personal opinion, and so I feel for them in that way, but ultimately it’s his (Ten Hag’s) job to make sure the players are right.”