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One Man United player would ‘love to leave’ Erik ten Hag’s squad



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Paul Parker has claimed that Manchester United midfielder Donny van de Beek would ‘love’ to finally leave Old Trafford after a difficult period at the club.

The former Ajax player was signed from the Eredivisie side in the summer of 2020 under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

After his difficult time with the Norwegian at the helm, many believed that Van de Beek’s luck would change when Erik ten Hag took over at United.

However, things haven’t really changed for a midfielder who has made just 12 appearances since Ten Hag has taken charge.

Former United defender Paul Parker feels sorry for the midfielder and believes that other players can learn from Van de Beek’s attitude despite his difficulties at the club.

“I feel really, really sorry for Donny van de Beek even though I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to feel sorry for him,” Parker told SpilXperten,” The circumstances have been so unfortunate for him. I’m sure that not many bad words will be said about him when he leaves, because people are more disappointed by the outcome of his potential rather than the way he has acted at Man United.”

“You can´t point a finger at anything he’s done at Man United. It would have been so easy for him to go on Social Media and moan but he has never done that. Other players can learn a lot from him, despite him not being able to get his breakthrough at Man United. He is a role model.”

Parker went onto say that Van de Beek would ‘love’ the chance to leave United to look for first-team opportunities elsewhere and the former defender believes that he should return the Eredvisie in order to get his career going again.

“At this moment in time, he might be as low as he has ever been in football. The only place, in my opinion, where he can start again, is back in the Netherlands. He has to go back to the Netherlands,” added Parker.

“He still got respect for what he achieved as an Ajax player and hopefully he can build on that. I think his teammates feel the same about him. I´ve been around players who were having a tough time but you can´t help them as a teammate.”

“People are saying that he has been given the chance but that’s not true. He has been given two minutes here and there, which doesn´t help him. He would love the opportunity to get away from Manchester United.”