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“Modern version of Ronaldo” – ex-Manchester United player slams potential world-class signing



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Ex-Manchester United defender Paul Parker has slammed the idea of Manchester United potentially signing Neymar Jr from Paris St. Germain this summer.

Neymar Jr looks to be headed for the exit of PSG this summer, with many clubs being linked to signing the Brazilian winger.

Manchester United and Erik ten Hag have been one of those names who have appeared on a long list of suspected suitors.

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Neymar Jr has been one of the world’s best forwards in the last decade, winning multiple trophies at both Barcelona and PSG alongside names such as Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe.

However, former United defender Paul Parker has explained that United should stay well clear of Neymar this summer.

“No, I don’t want Neymar at Man United. No, not at all” he told Apostagolos. “If that were to happen, all you would have done was to go from the frying pan to the fire with the Ronaldo situation in mind.

“Erik ten Hag isn’t drinking any alcohol as far as I’m concerned, so I couldn’t imagine him taking a decision to bring in a modern version of Ronaldo in that sense. And if we were going to compare them on the pitch, Neymar can’t even lace Ronaldo’s boots.

“If things aren’t going his way, he will cause issues. He gets involved with players on the pitch, which causes other players to lose their discipline. I´ve seen it too many times at PSG and Brazil.”

He further went on to explain that the reason Ten Hag should drop any potential intention of signing the Brazilian is because of the effect may have on the current squad.

“He winds players up. I’m not saying that it’s intentional but he loses it. He can’t deal with losing the ball.

“If Erik ten Hag was going to get him, that tells me that Erik ten Hag isn´t the person making the decisions. I don’t believe that Neymar is a player he would like in his squad.

“He is not the kind of player that Erik ten Hag would want. I can’t see it happening. People write what they want to write and it’s a good story to write about but that’s not going to happen.

“Imagine Neymar playing at Man United, they would have to prepare for him not playing when it’s his sister’s birthday and things like that.”