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Manchester United ask fans to “hound out” X/Twitter accounts that leak Erik ten Hag’s XIs



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Manchester United have asked fans to “hound out” accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, that leak injury news and Erik ten Hag’s XIs.

Manchester United have had a recent history with respect to team line-ups often being leaked before confirmation from the club one hour before games, with Erik ten Hag‘s team news sometimes coming through on X up to five hours before they are meant to be officially announced.

It is a problem that United have been aware of since the days under Ole Gunnar Solskjær, when the Norweigan manager was routinely baffled and angry that his teams would be leaked on social media well ahead of kick-off.

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It is something that has become a major race in the online sphere for many accounts across social media platforms, with each one racing to try and beat the others for the information in order to increase their interactions and credibility among the online fanbase.

And now, according to Chris Wheeler, the club are said to be monitoring several online accounts which post ‘exclusive’ team and injury news information, with those accounts that do so seemingly not in the club’s good books.

“Preparation for games these days is so thorough that leaked information about team line-ups and injuries can give the opposition an advantage to exploit,” said a club insider to the Daily Mail.

“United fans should be hounding out these accounts that routinely leak this kind of information, and questioning what is their motivation for doing it.”

The club are said to even believe that some of these accounts “may be the work of someone connected with the club who has access to confidential information”.

It is said that United are investigating where the source of the leaks is in order to “root out any moles”.