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Manchester United blasted for being “selfish” in damning “vibes” admission from ex-player



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Manchester United have been slammed by their former defender for being a “selfish” club following their previous transfers.

Manchester United have held plenty of criticisms from fans and ex-players alike over the last ten years following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Whether it be on-field performances or off-field issues such as big-money signings or poorly timed contracts, there has been plenty to shout about surrounding Old Trafford – especially concerning the club’s current owners, the Glazer family.

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British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe recently bought his way into 27.7% ownership of United and has made wholesale changes within the club since the turn of 2024. Former United defender Paul Parker has slammed the club for being “selfishly run” prior to the INEOS owner’s arrival.

“The team is very selfish. It’s a selfish team. The club may have been run selfishly in the last few years before INEOS came in.

“They were going out and bringing in the wrong players, not doing their due diligence on the person. It’s not just about the footballer you bring in. It’s also about the person. They can bring the wrong vibes to a dressing room.

“Look at two of the best players in recent times, Henry and Messi, and the number of goals they could have scored, but they decided to roll the ball for someone in a better position. They’re happy for the team to come first.”

He continued and then moved on to the players themselves, explaining that he feels changing the manager will not change the players’ culture, who have adopted a “blame game” at United.

“I don’t think United have unselfish players. They play the blame game and that won’t change in the current United squad. Changing the manager isn’t going to change that.

“It needs a few of the players to go then the manager can build with better players than he has. Football is a team game. It’s not won by the individuals. They can win you cups, but when it comes to domestic league, you need a team.”