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Why Man United will STOP wearing their green away kit for the rest of the season



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According to reports, Manchester United will not wear their green and white away kit again this season after the club’s 1-1 draw against Brentford.

Manchester United‘s most recent fixture was a 1-1 draw away from home against Brentford in the Premier League, in which Mason Mount scored his first goal for the club.

The tie saw United don their controversial white and green striped away kit, which some fans love, while others feel it does not properly represent the Old Trafford club.

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However, according to the Daily Mail, the away kit’s use against Brentford was its “final appearance” of the campaign.

While there may be some confusion as to why United will not wear the kit again this season, there is actually logic behind this, which rests in the remaining fixtures that The Reds have to face.

United’s home kit, the iconic red one, will be worn in every single game at Old Trafford, as has always been the tradition. United also elect to wear the home kit on away trips, should the colour suit the occasion.

The striped away kit and white third kit are used when the home kit clashes with the opposition’s home kit. For example, Brentford played in a mix of red and white, so the home and third kits could not be used—therefore, United played in their away kit.

United’s remaining away games this season do not call for the striped kit to be needed, hence why the kit will likely not be worn again. Against Chelsea, Coventry, and Brighton, United will wear their red home kits, while against Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, they will play in the white third kit.

While it could be argued that United should wear the away kit against Bournemouth, history dictates that United almost always wear white when playing at the Vitality Stadium.

Some United fans feel that this is a good omen, as they feel that United hardly won any games while playing in the striped green and white.