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Man United star received ‘big recognition’ as teammates have ‘highest expectations’



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Manchester United’s new striker Rasmus Hojlund has received ‘big recognition’ from his teammates following a positive start to life at Old Trafford.

Despite losing at the Emirates against Arsenal on his debut, Hojlund was one of few bright sparks for Erik ten Hag’s side and looks like he could be an important player going forward.

It has only been one game but many already believe the 20-year-old has been able to showcase what he will bring to the team in that cameo.

Former United defender Paul Parker is one of those and has stated that Hojlund made a ‘huge difference’ to the team when he replaced Anthony Martial last weekend.

“I actually don’t agree that you can’t already judge Rasmus Hojlund based on the minutes he had against Arsenal,” he told SpilXperten. “You certainly can because he made a huge difference when he was substituted in.”

“It was the best thing that could happen to him, that he had to replace Martial because he knew he couldn’t do worse than him. When he came on the pitch, he used his physique and pushed Gabriel, almost sending him flying out of the Emirates. Martial has never done that. He just lies down on the ground and cries.

“He fought his heart out, and he should have been awarded a penalty. Without a doubt. Gabriel thought it was a real brawl, and Hojlund tried to stay on his feet because he wanted to score a goal.

“Unfortunately, both the referee and VAR had fallen asleep because it was a clear penalty. In any other area of the field, a free-kick would have been given, so it makes no sense. If it were American football, fine, but this is real football.”

There was one instance after United won a corner, where Casemiro showed support to Hojlund in a slightly aggressive manner with a pull of the shirt and a shout of ‘Vamos!’ in his ear. Parker believes this type of recognition shows that Hojlund’s teammates have high expectations for him.

“Casemiro grabbed Hojlund during the corner kick, and it really shows what Casemiro thinks of the kid. It’s a big recognition to receive because it’s the teammates who make the difference for success or failure for all players, and it shows that the teammates have high expectations for Hojlund.”