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Jack Grealish jokes about the Manchester Derby after England game with me!



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Credit: X / @jamesstdenis99

Written by Tom Horn.

Jack Grealish stopped and chatted football with me in the mixed zone after England’s 2-0 victory against Malta and of course, the topic of the Manchester Derby came up.

I was very fortunate to have access to the mixed zone after the England win to witness the likes of Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire have tunnel vision towards the England coach as they looked to head home after a controlled victory.

Top journalists around me, from outlets such as Sky Sports News and The Times, were doing their best to grab the attention and look attractive to the passing England players but to not much avail, as is the nature of the mixed zone.

After sitting there, picking the brains of those around me for about an hour Jack Grealish passes through. I muster up the courage and shout, trying to sound confident, “Jack!” which catches the tricky winger’s attention.

The 28-year-old came straight over to me and my mind was at panic stations! I fumbled a question about if City are going to run away with the Premier League again which was answered with a smile.

I felt like I had to give context with the fact that I’m a lifelong Manchester United fan and to ask such a question caused me pain.

Grealish has tormented many United defenders in the past, a topic that he was very eager to bring up once I told him about my allegiance to the red side of Manchester.

“I guess you didn’t like the game then the other week?” said Grealish referring to United’s 3-0 defeat to City at Old Trafford.

Due to my growing cynicism about watching United play, I responded, “Ah don’t! I was close to turning it off at half-time!” To which Jack gleefully reminded me that, “it was only one nil at halftime!” But the writing was already on the wall.

Jack was so kind and willing to talk as he entertained my silly jokes about one day my legs being the same size as his and I really appreciate that he took time out of his day to talk to me.

What I didn’t expect is the media frenzy that has followed. From my point of view, we’re just two guys who had a bit of banter about our football teams.

As we posed for a photo I asked Jack if I could interview him in the future to which he responded: “Of course. as long as you don’t say bad stuff about me like he does!” Grealish said, pointing to Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett.

Grealish finishes by saying “take his job!”, again referring to Dorsett.

Don’t worry Jack, I’m trying to, and after Friday evening, the only bad thing I can ever say about you is that you play for the wrong team in Manchester!