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Dortmund warned about “bad apple” Jadon Sancho by ex-Manchester United defender



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Paul Parker has issued a warning to Borussia Dortmund that Jadon Sancho still has a bad attitude ahead of his potential loan move away from Old Trafford.

Jadon Sancho has not made an appearance for Manchester United since August 2023 following his very public dispute with Erik ten Hag over comments about the winger’s performance levels.

Sancho is looking to rejoin Borussia Dortmund, the club where he made a name for himself, which led to his transfer to United in 2021 for £73 million, this month for a reported loan fee of just £3 million.

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Paul Parker has become the second ex-United defender to recently comment on the 23-year-old’s situation, and considering the winger’s disciplinary history whilst playing for the German giants, the 59-year-old is unsure if Dortmund know what they are getting.

“I’m a little bit surprised that Dortmund wants him back. He was a problem at Dortmund, and I think he will be again,” Parker told SpilXperten.

Parker goes on to add that the difference in price tag that Sancho is returning with could be a reason behind the loan: “It seems like they are doing him a favour because he brought them so much money when Man United bought him.

“I assume that he has promised Dortmund to change as a person, but they should consider that he has disrespected his manager and his teammates.”

Further, Parker has explained his belief that Dortmund “are taking a gamble because they know he is a bad influence”.

“He is a bad apple, that’s for sure. He is not disciplined, and he has never done himself justice. Hopefully, he has learned a big lesson, and he will be more respectful in the future.

“He can’t expect to go there and believe his bad history will disappear. People will remember his antics.”

Parker could be referring to the times when Sancho was dropped from the Dortmund squad for disciplinary reasons, and perhaps United should have learnt that history tends to repeat itself.