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Dan Ashworth makes fresh Man United claim following damning mistake at Newcastle



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Credit: Newcastle United

Former Newcastle United sporting director Dan Ashworth will argue he has been sacked in order to start his job with Manchester United.

After his departure was confirmed by Newcastle United in February, Ashworth was placed on gardening leave, meaning that he is suspended on full pay for the remainder of his notice period.

This has proved a significant roadblock for Manchester United who will need to wait until the end of this period before signing Ashworth as their new sporting director.

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As part of a deal to end gardening leave early, Newcastle demanded £20million, but United countered with an offer of less than £3million, and negotiations have since stalled.

But, if Ashworth can successfully argue that his departure from Newcastle was inadequately handled, he can end his gardening leave period and begin working for Manchester United.

According to The Telegraph, in the arbitrary meeting happening later this month, Ashworth will argue that, as he was not asked to formally write down his resignation, he should not have been placed on gardening leave.

He will then use this to argue that this proves that he was removed from his position rather than Ashworth asking to step down.

But Newcastle will contest at arbitration and intend to prevent Ashworth from beginning his new role in the INEOS system until late 2025 or until Manchester United meet their demands for suitable compensation.

They have a strong case against United and Ashworth after the 53-year-old accidentally sent an email to his Newcastle address confirming to Manchester United chief executive Omar Berrada that he wanted a job.

The email came just weeks after Ashworth told Newcastle executives that he wanted to stand down but did not inform them of any conversations with Manchester United, which would have breached a standing contract agreement.

Ashworth also disclosed confidential details of the agreement between Newcastle and Brighton that brought him to St James’ Park in the summer of 2022.

The report also confirmed that Newcastle will meet with Manchester United ahead of the arbitration hearing to try and agree on a compensation offer.

While they will demand much more than United’s initial offer, they are believed to be willing to compromise and accept less than their original £20million demand.