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Why Chicharito felt “disrespected” by simple David Moyes change at Man United



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David Moyes spent around nine months as Manchester United manager before he was eventually sacked from the role at Old Trafford.

Moyes’ tenure at United was a tumultuous period marked by significant challenges and, ultimately, disappointment.

Following the departure of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes was entrusted with the daunting task of maintaining the club’s success. However, he struggled to fill Ferguson’s shoes, facing criticism for his tactical decisions, player management, and other key decisions.

However, it was the management of the squad off the field which seemed to really impact the Scotsman’s tenure at the club. It was previously suggested that he had Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic watch video of his former Everton defence.

Now, Ferdinand has also explained how Moyes lost the respect of important members of the squad such as Javier Hernandez, nicknamed Chicharito, due to his approaches away from the pitch.

The United legend explained the difference between Sir Alex Ferguson and Moyes when it came to telling players that they would not be starting the game on the weekend.

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Speaking to Gary Neville on the This is Football podcast, Ferdinand asked his former teammate about the contrasting situations.

“Do you remember what the boss [Sir Alex Ferguson} used to do on the Friday night at the hotel or the Saturday morning before a game? If he sat at your table you knew that someone at your table wasn’t getting a game.

“I remember David Moyes said, ‘I don’t do that’. I’m not explaining myself, if you wanna come see me, come see me on Monday.”

Ferguson’s human touch is something that is described all of the time since his retirement. He was able to connect with each player the right way and knew how to get the most out of them.

Chicharito loved playing under the manager and was effective as one of the best ‘Super Subs’ in recent times. However, he was one of the players impacted by the change in approach from Moyes.

“He was like that, this is what I am and you respect that,” Ferdinand continued “But sometimes, it’s a squad game.

“The squad wins you everything, it ain’t just the first 11. You have to take care of those guys that are on the periphery of the squad.

“Instead, he was like this is the way I’m doing it now. That doesn’t affect me because I was playing at the time he came in, but there are players, Chicharito for instance.

“He’s sitting there going, well, Sir Alex Ferguson respected me. He took that as a disrespect and other squad players were maybe the same.”