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Bruno Fernandes has convinced me that he will become Man United’s manager



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Bruno Fernandes, in a long interview, has opened up on his tactical nouse as Manchester United’s captain and star midfielder over the last four years.

Manchester United‘s identity has never been about playing a lot of supported football, it is a team with a lot of intensity, intense and offensive football. That’s the club’s idea. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that all teams have to play in possession,” Bruno Fernandes started in a big interview with Portuguese outlet Abola.

Fernandes has always shown himself to be a clever, quick-thinking footballer on the field, and there is much to say about his fantastic leadership skills off the pitch that are often evident through his actions and his interviews at Old Trafford.

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Being an attacking midfielder, Fernandes is obsessed with having the ball at his feet but he also understands that different contexts mean that all teams cannot play the same type of football.

“I want to play in possession, I want to have the ball as much as possible. It’s obvious because players who like to play with the ball want to have it as much as possible, but sometimes, we have to fit into the environment we’re in,” he continued.

“And it’s not possible for us to play in the same way as Manchester City, because Manchester City has supporting wingers, very good in 1 against 1 too, but footballers who really like to play in support and also inside. I can’t ask Rashford and Garnacho, pure wingers, to play inside in the same way as others who perhaps started their careers as midfielders or as number 10s and fell to the lines.

“I can’t ask Rashford or Garnacho to do what Bernardo does when he plays as a winger. It’s a completely wrong idea, because Bernardo knows how to be between the lines, he’s used to being in the middle and playing from the back is not as simple as it seems. People sometimes have this idea that all players have to do what others do.”

Fernandes is somewhat of a unique player, having broken many goalscoring records from midfield. He also possesses the fantastic trait of durability, with the player yet to miss a single United game through injury since he joined United in January 2020.

In this interview, he has shown that he is more than just a clever football player – he understands the game from a larger perspective and also understands that every player is unique.

“We have specific characteristics that define us as players and make us very good at doing what we do. People have to understand that we do what enhances the quality of the player alongside us. People say, ‘Bruno needs to keep the ball more’, but obviously, if I’m playing in position 10 and the ball goes between the lines and I spin… and when the ball goes between the lines, it’s because the pressure was high… At the moment in which I turn, the pressure is on my back, and I can’t go back because if I go back, I’ll meet the pressure.

“The ball comes, and I can play support or simply keep it and go to the wing. However, if I rotate and have my two wingers making the movement in depth, my option is either to carry the ball, wall with my striker or watch the depth of my wingers. If my extremes are more open, what do I think they want? Ball at the foot to take advantage of the 1 against 1. I have to play with the quality I have at my side.”

Speaking further, he explained how he changes his game once he is with Portugal as he has a different set of players.

“When I go to the Seleção, I won’t give Bernardo depth. I know that Bernardo will not run deep, nor is it a characteristic of his that enhances our team. But if I catch the ball and Leão is already running, I’ll probably throw the ball deep because I know he has incredible speed. Or I wait a little longer for the opposing defence to drop and Leão to open up more, and I give him the ball for what he likes most, which is going 1 against 1.

“If I play Félix, then I’ll probably give him a stronger pass between the lines. If it’s Jota, I’ll play a deep pass between the centre and the wing. Pedro Neto, I can either go deep in the box or on the foot because he is also a 1×1 player. And I could continue here… If I play Cristiano, I can either play on the wall or in those movements he likes to make behind the striker.

“The short diagonal… With Gonçalo Ramos, it’s more of a movement when I’m close to the area, he goes around the central defender and likes to see the cross, or he goes around the central defender in front and attacks the first post.

“I have to know the players who play with me. I do this reading very well, but I realize that, from the outside, people want to play in a certain way and don’t understand the reading of the game or the player.”

During the interview, Fernandes showed he knows football tactics inside out, proving he could be a top-notch manager. He explained different strategies with ease, analyzing the game from all angles. Talking about formations, player positions, and how to transition play, he revealed a sharp tactical mind.

He emphasized the importance of adapting during games, highlighting the need to change strategies based on what’s happening on the field and the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. This flexibility showed he could react quickly and decisively, a crucial trait for any successful manager.

Overall, Fernandes came across as confident and passionate about the game. He explained complex tactical ideas clearly and emphasized the importance of being adaptable. His knowledge, leadership, and tactical skills make him a promising candidate for a managerial role in football. With his understanding of the game and ability to lead, Fernandes seems ready to make a real impact in football management.