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Roberto Martínez issues important updates on Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot



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Roberto Martínez has confirmed that Bruno Fernandes will not be part of Portugal’s upcoming visit across Europe to face Slovenia on Tuesday in a friendly fixture.

Bruno Fernandes shone on the international stage once again as he scored a goal and assisted another in an international friendly for Portugal against Sweden.

The Manchester United captain has been fantastic for his country in the last year, recording 22 goal contributions in his last 16 appearances for the European side ahead of their push for the EURO 2024 title.

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Against Sweden, Fernandes played the full 90 minutes, while fellow Old Trafford player Diogo Dalot was not in the squad.

It was confirmed on Thursday evening that Dalot’s absence was not due to injury, but he was simply omitted from the squad as Roberto Martinez, Portugal’s manager, had enough players for the tie already.

Martinez has now explained that Dalot will be part of the camp that travels to Slovenia, while Bruno Fernandes will be rested for the game.

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This will come as good news to Manchester United fans as it means Fernandes and Dalot, two of United’s most important players this season, will have had a week’s rest.

Why this is key

Having key players such as Fernandes and Dalot take a week’s rest can be incredibly beneficial for various reasons, with one of those being injury prevention. Football is a physically demanding sport, and players are prone to injuries due to the high-intensity nature of the game.

Giving both of these players a week’s rest allows their bodies to recover from any minor injuries or strains they may have picked up during matches – and in Bruno Fernandes’ case, he was spotted limping towards the end of the Liverpool FA Cup tie.

Intense physical activity like football can lead to fatigue and muscle soreness, so allowing the players time to rest from games, even if they are still training, gives them a chance to recharge their bodies. Rest periods allow players to recharge physically and mentally, allowing them to return to the field feeling refreshed and ready to perform at their best.

Football is not just physically demanding; it’s mentally taxing as well. Key players such as Fernandes and Dalot often carry a significant burden of responsibility on the field, which can lead to mental fatigue over time, especially with Fernandes being captain of the club. A week’s rest provides them with a break from the pressures of competition, allowing them to recharge mentally, regain focus, and come back with renewed motivation and determination.

Managing player workload and ensuring adequate rest is essential for maintaining long-term performance and sustainability throughout United’s gruelling football season. By incorporating regular rest periods into their schedule, teams can help prevent burnout and keep key players fit and firing on all cylinders for the duration of the season.

Fernandes’ and Dalot’s respective rests will be advantageous not only for their physical and mental well-being but also for United’s overall performance and success going forward. Rest allows players to recover from injuries, recharge physically and mentally, prepare tactically, and build squad depth, ultimately contributing to improved performance and longevity over the course of a demanding football season.