Gary Neville sums up every Manchester United fans’ thoughts with his post-match comments

Manchester United were last night humiliated by Liverpool for the second time this season, losing 4-0 at Anfield last night; and Gary Neville certainly did not sugar coat his words in his post match reaction on Sky Sports.

With United’s next two fixtures being Arsenal and Chelsea, in that order, the dream of finishing in the top four is all but dead and buried if their performances are similar to that of last night’s.

Gary Neville summed up what it’s like to be a Manchester United fan at the moment with his post-match comments:

“It was a sobering evening, we expected it, I think every Manchester United fan expected it, not one Manchester United fan came here [Anfield] tonight with any hope whatsoever… that team’s got nothing.”

Neville said that the position that the club is in now is “an all time low” and suggested that the game was made too easy for Liverpool:

Liverpool when we were playing weren’t that great, but I don’t think they ever gave us a game like that, it was always tough, it was always hard to beat Liverpool.

“I’ve never seen a Manchester United team wilt and be as flaky in a game of football or [against] Liverpool in my 40 years.”

The only glimmer of hope from the game was Hannibal Mejbri, a player that many United fans have been demanding more game time for and this was echoed by the former United captain:

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The kid [Hannibal], to be fair I was proud of him because he’s going round to be fair, trying to top people and trying to kick people, but he demonstrated something, he showed us something!

He didn’t like the idea of Liverpool at Anfield passing it around him, the idea was Liverpool taking the mickey out of him.

I’m not saying it was brilliant the fact that he was kicking Liverpool players and could have hurt one of them but I tell you what I think as a Manchester United fan they could respond to that at least… but they [the players] are broken!”

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It’s depressing being a Manchester United fan in 2022 and they’re no longer enjoyable to watch. I think Gary Neville finishes this article of the best:

The club is broken on and off the pitch.”


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