Jason Burt: “That’s not the way to run a club at Manchester United”

It’s a well known fact that Manchester United fans do not like club Co-Owner Joel Glazer.

Down the years there have been several protests surrounding the club in a bid to get the Glazer family to sell Manchester United – but, so far, to no avail.

One of the fans’ main worries is how the club is run. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, managerial appointments have ultimately lead from one disaster to the next, with the occasional limited short term success in between.

Speaking to TalkSport, Telegraph writer Jason Burt summed it up brilliantly.

The biggest blame at Manchester United lies with Joel Glazer,” explained Burt. “The way he runs the club is dysfunctional. It won’t work at Manchester United until he puts people who are best in class in the positions they need to be in the positions to make decisions.

Everything at Manchester United goes back through Joel Glazer. I have heard stories of people in power at Manchester United who have said to people in the morning ‘I’ll get back to you in the afternoon’ because they have to go back and see, when Florida wakes up, what the decision is back in America.

“That’s not the way to run a club at Manchester United. I’m talking about small decisions sometimes – not big decisions. I’m not talking about managers; I’m talking small decisoins.

The way Burt describes how one of the biggest clubs in the world is run at the very top confirms a lot of fans fears – it feels like they just don’t know what they are doing.

There also seems like a refusal to delegate. Although the recent appointments of Richard Arnold, Darran Fletcher and John Murtough alongside the pending appointments of Ralf Rangnick and Erik ten Hag into their more permanent roles paint an image of the implimentation of a more fixed and well-oiled structure, if every decision still ultimately has to go through Joel Glazer, it will all fall apart.

So the club doesn’t function at any level – and I think personally the money they’ve had, the amount of money they’ve got, the money they’ve spent has masked the problems there for a number of years and it’s catching up on them now; it really is. I worry that the structure still isn’t right.

When Rangnick was appointed as interim manager until the end of the season with a 2-year consultency role attached to his contract, many fans were delighted. Rangnick has often been described as ‘the Godfather of gegenpressing’, a term often loosely referred to as ‘heavy metal football’ in England.

Rangnick has had many successsful years in his career, building up both RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg in recent years, and the same was hopefully expected at United.

However, recent comments from Rangnick have concerned Burt.

The biggest alarm bell that rang for me last week was when Ralf Rangnick said ‘I don’t know what my role is going to be until they’ve appointed a new manager.’ Hang on a minute, what’s happening here? Why isn’t your role defined, and then a new manager fits in around that structure? Why are they waiting for the new manager, and then deciding a new role for Ralf Rangnick?

Either they want him as a consultant to do whatever, or they don’t, or they are waiting for some guy to come in to organise the club the way he wants to do it, and again they are going to start this cycle again of having a manager coming in to organise the club and be the sort of person who sorts them out when they should have sorted themselves out and get a manager who fits in to that structure.

Erik ten Hag is set to be appointed as Manchester United manager, with Athletic writer David Ornstein confirming that the club already has a verbal agreement with the Dutchman.

Further to this, Ten Hag reportedly wants to work alongside Rangnick, meaning there could yet be a more perminant job at the club for the German.

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