Rio Ferdinand responds to Wayne Rooney jokingly labelling him “arrogant”

Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand are two of Manchester United‘s most iconic players in the last 20 years. They shared the pitch to win a dazzling number of trophies in what was one of the most successful eras in any club’s history.

However, recently, Rooney had some jokingly harsh words to say about his former team mate.

Despite these words looking a little harsh on the surface, Ferdinand, speaking on his Vibe with Five podcast, understood the context around them and laughed them off.

The ex-defender said: “It [Rooney’s comments] was at a signing, some of us do these things where you go and talk to an audience. They’re quite funny, you have a few beers and you get loose lips a little bit when you’re in there.

Your guards down when you don’t see the big cameras and microphones.

He said a few things about a few former players, he said about me being arrogant and how we argued and he told tell me ‘do your job’ etc.

Rio also decided to shed a little light on the situation with an anecdote himself.

He’s referring to when on the pitch we would argue, either in front of everyone at Old Trafford or in the training ground – me and him always argued.

When asked to give an example, he detailed: “I’d be thinking ‘just shoot man’. Don’t be doing all these fancy passes, let Scholesy and them do that.

“I want you to be up there, cutting edge and bang – be decisive. Wazza could score two goals in a game but not be involved in the game and he would come off with the hump.”

Because he’s a street footballer, he wants to be involved in the 90 minutes playing all the time and I used to say ‘Bruv I just want goals – I don’t care what else you do’.

If the ball came up and he weren’t holding it up I’d be screaming ‘Wazza hurry up’.

He would go, expletive, ‘you do your own job’ and we’d be back and forth constant but we drove each other.

I, for one, am just happy that these quotes are accepted by the pair of them with open arms.

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