Erik ten Hag has already proved he knows what it takes to move to the Premier League

Manchester United are looking for a new manager. They have reportedly drawn up a five-man shortlist, with Erik ten Hag as the club’s number one choice.

One main draw-back that many United fans have argued over with regards to Ten Hag is his lack of English experience. As a man who has mainly worked in the Dutch and German leagues, there is a certain extra element of risk that comes with hiring a manager who has little to no league experience in England.

However, these quotes from a Daily Mail article in May 2020 prove that the Dutchman is well aware of the Premier League and it’s competitive and unique nature.

Speaking about the time when Pep Guardiola first moved to the Premier League, Ten Hag said: “Only once in his career has Pep made a mistake – in his first year at ­Manchester City when he completely ­underestimated the power and speed of the Premier League.

He realised that you can’t play the kind of football he loves without ­having a couple of physically strong athletes – and so he brought them in. So he’s not a stubborn coach.”

This is clear evidence that Erik ten Hag, should he come to the Premier League, would not take the challange lightly. He fully recognises what many people view as the key charateristics of the Premier League – power and speed.

This interview also shows that Ten Hag also appreciates that for a style that has previously found success in foreign leagues to properly function in a different league, there has to be tweaks and adaptations to said style in order to let it thrive in a new environment.

Paying hommage to Guardiola, Ten Hag makes that point when he says “Yes, he is stubborn in his ­philosophy, but not in the ­execution. And that makes him the best.

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One of the most attractive things about the idea of Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford is his style of play. If Ten Hag was to stay true to these words and be stubborn in his philosophy, but not in the ­execution, United fans could be in for an exciting next few years.

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