Super League clubs are set to announce new changes to competition

The European Super League drama in April 2021 was one of the most intense few days of every football fan’s lives in recent memory.

I myself covered the news on UtdDistrict – staying up till around 5am furiously researching and tweeting all the latest updates on the situation. It was crazy watching it all unfold.

After its initial announcement, a lot of clubs subsequently withdrew their support for the ESL due to huge fan protests in the days that followed, even after these clubs originally comitted themselves to the project.

However, these same clubs never actually legally left.

According to Spanish outlet Vozpopuli, all 12 clubs have been working hard in the last 11 months to adjust and renegociate the format of the tournament. Originally, the tournament would consist of 15 permanent members and 5 more rotating members that would enter each season depending on how well they did in their domestic leagues the previous season.

The latest changes, set to be announced today, will see the competition change to have no permanent members, with all 20 sides in the competition haveing to qualify for it each time.

The president of Juventus and vice president of the Super League, Andrea Agnelli, will be the one to make the official announcement on Thursday in London, in a forum organized by the Financial Times.

An official ruling on the scheduled release date for a hypothetical Super League is expected to be known between June and the end of 2022.

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