Gary Neville thinks Ralf Rangnick has not done enough to be named as next Manchester United manager

When Ralf Rangnick was appointed as interim manager of Manchester United, it was always done with the expectation that he will then move upstairs in the summer and become a consultant to the club, with his first major input being who the club should hire as their next permanent manager.

However, there is always the chance that he would recommend himself to become the next manager if he sees fit to do so.

When discussing this topic on the Gary Neville Podcast, Gary Neville made his thoughts on it clear.

I don’t think he [Rangnick] gets the job at the end of the season come what may now.

I think maybe there was a feeling if United went like that (points upwards) then that would happen – it isn’t going to happen, Manchester United will have a new manager next season.

However, although Neville does not think he is in a good enough position to be the manager himself, the former Manchester United captain does appreciate that Rangnick is in almost the perfect position to pick out which manager should take the helm next.

I think he will [have a say on who next manager will be] because what he’s got is a real good view of the characters, personalities, performance levels and training levels of the current group of players, so he is in a strong position to advise.

He is probably in the strongest position to advise because he is having day-to-day contact with them. He is seeing how they cope with disappointment, how they cope with atmospheres, how they cope with big games, how they cope with training; can they meet the demands of the club? Have they got the quality?

Rangnick has come under fire in recent weeeks, with some former players highlighting his lack of managerial experience in contrast with his experience in other ares of football and club mangement.

Paul Scholes speaking after Manchester United’s 1-1 draw against Southampton

However, Gary Neville feels that this sacrafice ultimately brings more rewards than shortfalls.

“People say he is a sporting director and a coach, but the reality is that his position as a coach is short-term; his position is assisting the club; constructing their new methodology and structure moving forward is a longer term position for two years.

“I’d rather him get that bit right; I’d rather suffer in the short-term for the longer-term perspective being right. 

He has got good experience around building structures in football clubs and Manchester United do need that.”

As ever with Neville, he also had strong opinions with regards to how important the next managerial appointment is.

In the summer, they have got big appointments to make, namely the manager. 

The manager has got to be right next season to be able to take on Tuchel, Guardiola and Klopp because if you don’t take on those three with a manager who can face them like-for-like, you will get beat up.

It has been proven over the last few years that great managers in this league will bring you great things; Manchester United need a great manager to compete with the ones that are at that level in this league at this moment in time.”

Manchester United will face Atletico Madrid tomorrow in their biggest match since Rangnick took over. The Champions League knockout stages are seen by many to be the pinnicle of football competition – it will be an incredibly tough test for both Rangnick himself and the players alike.

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