“Pogba came to visit my brother in hospital”: Incredible story shows Paul Pogba’s character

Often berated by the media, Paul Pogba could have a new hairstyle and there would be an outlet somewhere attributing it to the team’s poor form. He is one of the only players I know that has speculation over whether his injuries are real; newsflash; they are.

However, the real side of the Frenchman is often papered over on social media, which is why this story on The Fozcast from late November is an incredible one.

Sam Morgan, 20, is the founder of SM Creps, and is also known as the footballer’s plug. He will source some of the rarest clothing items around and provide the service for many top-end footballers, including Pogba himself, as well as the likes of Leonel Messi, Erling Haaland and Son Heung-min.

After meeting Pogba in 2018, days after the Manchester United star had lifted the World Cup trophy, Morgan told Ben Foster about how the media perception about the 28-year-old is wrong, after visiting his brother in hospital in 2019.

“He’s really, really cool, like so sound.” Morgan explained when asked about Pogba. “I mean, there’s all the stuff in the media, they don’t post what he did like when he came to visit my brother in hospital.

“He just said to me ‘I’m in London, where’s your brother, I’m coming. You came with your brother to visit me in France, it’s now my turn.’ I didn’t even say anything, he didn’t want to do it for any other reason than just being a good person.

“He is, hand down to me, been the best footballer – one of the best; if not the best footballer to me and my family.

“The media never want to pick out the nice stuff. They always want to pick out what they’ve done wrong on the pitch or off the pitch.” He concluded.

Foster added: “Well they always say that bad news travels rapid and good news, mate, it’s like a tortoise, it just trundles along.”

Pogba returns to action this evening for United in the FA Cup against Middlesbrough after being out injured for the last two and a half months.

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