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Fredrik, also known online as F_Edits, is a world-class graphic designer. He has created designs for companies such as Amazon Prime Video Sport and TV2Sport, clubs such as Liverpool, and even some of the best players in the world.

Beyond this, he has also come to be known as a great online personality, and to top it all off is also a big Manchester United fan. He regularly recreates the United official match graphics to put the line-ups in order of player position over squad number, saving many fans the confusing problem of trying to work out who plays where each week.

We spoke with Fredrik recently, asking him about his background in editing, as well as why he came to support Manchester United and what work he is most proud of.

He also gave us his thoughts on which signings he would like to see United make in the future!

Q. How did you get into supporting Manchester United? Was there any specific United player who captured your imagination as a child? Are there any clubs in Norway that you like to keep an eye on too?

A. Well, United is pretty big here in Norway and Scandinavia; I think I just started supporting them because they were kind of the only team I knew about as a kid – plus the fact that my favourite colour is red, so that might have helped haha.

I loved, absolutely loved, watching Rafael da Silva. I play right back myself a lot, so felt a connection there. And the fact he played with such passion and aggression really resonated with me. It’s definitely an unusual pick for a favourite player, but I really love him – I was genuinely hurt when Louis Van Gaal sold him.

I don’t have that much time to watch another league besides the Premier League and Champions League, but I try to keep up with Strømsgodset, my local club (and the team Martin Ødegaard came from) as well as Bodø/Glimt and Molde when they play in the Europa League.

A friend of mine just got promoted to Molde’s first team from the academy, so I’ll definitely watch them closer this season.

Q. Being a full-time editor now, it must be hard work but great fun; but how did you initially get into editing/did you have other jobs while perusing your passions? Were your edits always football-inspired, or was there initially another genre?

A. Yeah, it’s great fun. I feel really privileged to be able to do this full-time!

I started the Twitter account “F_edits” in the summer of 2015 when I had just turned 17; I had been thinking about it for a little while, and I had a couple of weeks experience with photoshop so I knew enough to start posting something.

Looking back at those edits now is funny, but we all had to start somewhere. One thing I might add is that the “F” in “F_edits” stands for “Football”, and not my name “Fredrik” – it’s just a very happy coincidence that my name and football starts with the same letter!

I loved making and posting edits and did it as much as I could besides school.

I think I managed to post almost three designs every day for the first three or four years. They were mostly all football-related – I have done non-football graphics of course, and a handful of film projects actually, everything from acting to editing and directing, 

Q. If Ralf Rangnick asked for your advice on who Manchester United should sign, which three players would you recommend?

A. Despite me watching a lot of football and reading a lot of football take etc on Twitter, I’m far from some expert so there are probably better picks out there, but if I had to give Ralf three suggestions I’d say:

  • Erling Haaland — mostly because he’s Norwegian and I’d love to watch a fellow Norwegian play for my club! However it’s not just that, it’s also because he’s simply the most dangerous goalscorer right now, and he’s just getting better and better — he’d have to do some rotating/selling because we already have Cristiano Ronaldo, Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford etc, but it would be worth it.
  • Declan Rice – I feel that Manchester United need a proper defensive midfielder. Nemanja Matic is too old and Scott McTominay and Fred are more box-to-box players than defensive midfielders.
  • Wesley Sneijder – just for fun.

Q. You’ve been editing for a number of years, are there any particular edits, collaborations or commissions that you are particularly proud of?

A. Oh yes! The first one that springs to mind is I made Fabrizio Romano’s “Here we go” edit for the Jadon Sancho announcement!

That was a lot of fun; he tagged me in the post as well, so my mentions and notifications was a complete mess for a few days haha.

The Jude Bellingham FIFA 22 cover is also a found design of mine; Borrusia Dortmund’s account posted it on their social media, and Bellingham himself liked it. I just made it for fun; didn’t at all expect it to blow up.

I have also done works for people like Castro1021 and ChrisMD, but I’d say the coolest thing I’ve been commissioned to do is graphic design for Iker Casillas and social media designs for Harry Kane.

Something recently I did was a motion graphic for a huge TV company in Norway. I’ve wanted to do more motion designs, so very glad, and proud, of that video – I’m always critical of my own work. It’s a healthy attitude, but I think this might be my best work so far.

Q. What do you think sets you apart from other editors out there?

A. Hmm, I think it’s the quantity of my work. As mentioned earlier, I posted, on average, more than two designs every day for around four years. Stuff like my calendar thread, a project I do every December where I post around 125 different wallpapers from December 1st to 25th is a big reason for that.

I have seen some other designs do daily projects like that, but I think I’m the only one that does four every day for over three weeks – It’s a huge challenge, but feels very rewarding when you manage to do it.

I try to not stick to one style of work too much; not because I want to be different or something; nothing wrong with having a good graphic style and sticking with it, but I personally always love to try different stuff now and then – but I do have some styles, or rather techniques and effects, that I use in almost all of my edits. 

I should maybe mention my threads as well, I talked about the Christmas project but try to do a thread now and then – for example, a Twitter thread with one wallpaper for all the players nominated for Ballon d’Or – it was something I did a lot in the beginning which I think helped me get where I am today. I think I was lucky enough to be one of the first to do such projects when I started.

I say lucky because when I started in 2015 there was definitely not as many football designers on Twitter as today. I don’t have the numbers to back it up but from my memory, it feels like it’s almost ten times as many designers now in 2022 than 7 years ago – so I feel lucky to have started early; it’s easier to stand out of the crowd when the crowd is smaller.

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