Player Ratings: Watford 4-1 Manchester United

New day, a new game, and the same old story for Manchester United. Nothing changed for the away team since the international break, with the team still looking clueless and having a shambles of a performance. Watford started the match positively and dominated the entirety of the first half. United were lucky to have only conceded two goals, it could’ve been far worst.

Onto the second half, United started brightly with the arrival of van de Beek and Martial and got a goal early on in the 50th minute. It looked like United were going to mount yet another comeback, however, all the momentum died when Maguire got sent off with a second yellow for a silly challenge which he made to rectify his mistake of losing the ball.  Since then, Watford piled on the misery for the away team, and ended up conceding two goals in the 90th minute, with the scoreline rightfully ending 4-1, as they were the much better team.

Questions continue to be asked of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with the same problems we have seen week in week out being present today. Whilst the players are to blame as well, it is harsh to blame them too much because ultimately the major issue at the moment is the manager. He is the one who sets his team up and is yet to rectify the same mistakes and problems we have seen for a while. There is a huge decision for the board to make regarding the current managerial situation.


David de Gea – 5/10

David de Gea had to make back-to-back penalty saves in the opening minutes of the game, and successfully saved both of them. Other than the penalty saves, he could not do much for the goals conceded, with the defence letting in far too many shots and making amateur mistakes. Made a decent save in the 90th minute from Pedro’s shot, but the defence failed to deal with it after that and it led to a 3rd goal from Watford.


Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 2.5/10

Usually known for his defensive abilities and less so for his attacking abilities, today seemed like the opposite. Defensively he looked all over the place, with him failing to deal with Dennis constantly getting the better of him and being a nuisance for the away team. In the opposition’s half, he linked relatively well with Sancho and van de Beek, however it wasn’t anything significant.

Victor Lindelof – 2.5/10

Lindelof did not have too much to deal with and did alright when called upon, up until the stoppage time where he did not even try to block Pedro’s shot, when he easily could have, and that led to a goal. Always tried quickly moving the ball forward to help the team build an attack.

Harry Maguire – 2/10

The skipper had a decent first half, making some crucial blocks and interceptions, however ultimately, he let the team down by getting sent off at a very bad moment, due to an amateur mistake. He dwelled too long on the ball, something he’s often done this season, and like previously, it cost the team and this time it led to him getting a second yellow, killing all the slight momentum the team had. He looks uncomfortable with the ball recently for United this season, and his poor form for club continues.

Luke Shaw – 2/10

Luke Shaw felt like an invisible figure throughout the game, with him failing to benefit his team whatsoever. Didn’t contribute to helping the team build attacks, failed to make runs beyond the last and hardly got into any decent positions. He had a part to play in the second goal United conceded, with him being out of position, which gave Sarr all the time and space he needed to place his shot into the goal. Subbed off in the 85th minute for Dalot.


Nemanja Matic – 3.5/10

Whilst Matic always looked to help the team in the first phase of the build-up and did the bare minimum of what a holding midfielder should do, he often lost the ball clumsily far too many times, and on another day, could’ve cost the team. Matic also could’ve done better to prevent the 4th goal, but it hardly would have made a difference to the narrative of the game.

Scott McTominay – 1/10

McTominay’s poor form continues as he was yet again ineffective in midfield. Gave away a penalty in the opening minutes, he never really looked to recover from that. Constantly hid away from the ball and did not help the team with build up at all. Defensively he failed to track Watford’s attackers whenever they made runs and struggled with their press. Rightfully subbed off at half time.

Bruno Fernandes – 1.5/10

This could arguably be the worst performance for Bruno with a United shirt. He never really got into the game, and nothing came off for him. He was largely to blame for the penalty conceded, and he failed to link up the midfield to attack. He did create one good chance for Rashford, but that was about it. A performance to forget for the Portuguese international.


Marcus Rashford – 4/10

He tried making things happen, but nothing really came off for him. Did make some decent runs and almost scored with a nice volley in the first half. At times, Rashford rushed too much with his decision making and as a result, lost the ball far too many times. Subbed off at half time in an attempt to change the game.

Jadon Sancho – 5/10

Sancho had a very poor first half with him constantly losing the ball. However, he had a much better second half and linked well with van de Beek. He delivered a very good cross which led to Ronaldo heading it to van de Beek for our only goal. He further created some good chances in the second half, however the team failed to convert them into goals. Subbed off in stoppage time for Lingard.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 4.5/10

Ronaldo constantly made runs in an attempt to get on the scoresheet, however it was not his day and he failed to convert any of the chances he got, and you expect a player of his stature to convert some of the chances he got. He got the assist for van de Beek’s goal by heading it to the goal scorer for an easy tap in. A performance to forget for a player like Ronaldo.


Van de Beek – 7/10

Subbed on at the start of the second half for McTominay, it was nice to see him actually get some playing minutes, and at the same time having a midfielder on the pitch who actually wants the ball passed to him and played the ball with positive intent. He linked well with the players, particularly with Sancho, and made a nice run for the goal. The only player tonight who put in a good performance.

Anthony Martial – 5.5/10

Subbed on for Rashford at the start of the second half in an attempt to change the dynamic of our attack, it initially paid off with him holding the ball and linking the play, something our other attackers do not offer. He played a nice chipped pass to Ronaldo which should’ve been converted.  Since Maguire got sent off, he hardly got involved at all, which is ultimately not his fault.

Diogo Dalot – N/A

Subbed on in the 85th minute for Shaw, he did not play enough to warrant a rating, however, he was the major culprit for the 4th goal United conceded.

Jesse Lingard – N/A

Subbed on in stoppage time for Jadon Sancho, Lingard did not play enough to warrant a rating.

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