Player Ratings: Manchester United 0 – 1 Aston Villa

Manchester United put in nothing more than an embarrassing performance against Aston Villa. After a defeat to a greatly rotated West Ham United side, this must’ve been the last result the club needed.

Despite having half chances, the team failed to create anything meaningful and, surprise surprise, conceded a set piece goal that marked their first defeat of the Premier League season.


David De Gea – 5/10

David De Gea had an average performance where the good and the bad more or less cancelled out. He made an excellent save after Watkins was gifted a simple chance as a result of Maguire’s poor pass to De Gea but later on he made an atrocious pass that was easily intercepted and could’ve easily resulted in a goal had Villa been more clinical.


Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 7/10

Wan-Bissaka seems to have well and truly put his performance against Young Boys in the Champions League behind him. Today was a terrific performance from the right-back, especially in possession, in my opinion. Wan-Bissaka was making cross field switches with his left foot. I was shocked he was able to make a cross field switch at all. It’s long been my belief that a lot of Wan-Bissaka’s issues are related to his confidence. When he confidently plays, he actually does well most of the time!

Raphaël Varane – 6/10

Varane’s performance was good. Nothing special but he was secure and tidy at the back and dealt with danger well. His rating above the base of 5 is because I thought Varane was quite good in possession and made a few very helpful cross field switches of play when Villa were pressing aggressively, helping ease pressure.

Harry Maguire – 3/10

The captain was poor tonight, and I must say he hasn’t been terrific this season in general either. He was at fault for a very poor pass to the goalkeeper that could’ve easily resulted in a goal for Villa and had Ollie Watkins not been offside on that particular occasion, he would’ve likely given away a penalty for what looked like a definite foul on Danny Ings. The skipper went off injured and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Luke Shaw – 4/10

Shaw’s performance was average but a definite step lower than what we’ve come to expect from the Englishman in recent times. He gambled recklessly and then recovered almost lazily to give Villa their first good chance of the game, a chance which should’ve in all honesty resulted in the opening goal for them. Going off injured as well, I wish Shaw a speedy recovery.


Scott McTominay – 5/10

I honestly don’t know what rating to give Scott McTominay because I don’t think he did much of substance for the entirety of his time on the pitch. I virtually remember him touching the ball all of 5 times and that’s definitely not something you should be able to say about a midfield player. However, it’s not like he did too much blatantly incorrect too and as a result he’s given the base rating. Although, this could’ve been lower after seeing him somehow miss a 5 yard pass with no obstruction to Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Fred – 6/10

People will think I’m insane here but I actually think Fred did quite well. He moved the ball around crisply (for the most part) and defensively won the ball back for us regularly. I wasn’t surprised to see McTominay going off to make way for Edinson Cavani instead of Fred.

Bruno Fernandes – 4/10

I feel for the man. He had a somewhat drab performance although his rating suffers due to the penalty miss. It’s not something I wish to go off on him for considering his near immaculate record prior and the fact that a penalty miss can happen to anyone. However, it was the best chance we had at scoring all game and to not even force the keeper into making a save is especially poor. Hope he rebounds strongly from this although I fear for the moment, he’ll have definitely been taken off of penalty duties in favour of his compatriot.


Mason Greenwood – 6/10

Starting on the right side of attack, I have to say, Greenwood’s rating is very difficult for me to decide. On the one hand I feel he was a bit too selfish at times, especially in the early stages of the game where I felt he should’ve passed to Bruno Fernandes instead of taking the shot. On the other hand, Mason was involved wonderfully in other phases of play and looks a far more developed player than the almost “only a threat in the box” player he was when breaking into the team earlier. He has a wonderfully bright career ahead, hopefully all of it at Manchester United.

Paul Pogba – 5/10

Pogba didn’t do too much wrong but then again he didn’t do something extremely spectacular either and thus he’s given the base rating. He did come close to scoring a few times but I don’t think the keeper was ever troubled as a result of any of his efforts. Improvements needed from the magical frenchman.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 5/10

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t really make any impact on the game but that was to be expected considering the terrible time we had manufacturing chances, the chances he requires at this stage of his career to make the tremendous impact that he can inside the box. He also receives the base rating but I don’t think that is his fault per se.


Diogo Dalot – 7/10

I think Diogo Dalot did very well for a right-footer playing at left back. People were uneasy about the prospect, especially considering he was coming on for the injured stalwart in Luke Shaw. However, Dalot performed fairly admirably. He was defensively secure for the most part and tried his best to contribute offensively, with his passing crisp and him charging forward to provide overlaps diligently. I think he’s worthy of more chances this season.

Victor Lindelöf – 6/10

Lindelöf was asked to come off the bench to replace the injured Harry Maguire. As far as substitute impacts go, I do think he did well. He was secure at the back and tried to get the ball moving quicker as best he could. His defensive frailties, especially in a physical sense are still there, but Lindelöf did not allow them to get exploited for the most part during his time on the pitch today.

Edinson Cavani – N/A

Brought off with only about 10 minutes of normal time to go, Cavani couldn’t make much of an impact, donning his #21 shirt for the first time. Although I have to mention that the penalty United won was a result of play going through him.

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